Pihole lists

Pihole lists

Network-wide ad blocking via your own Linux hardware. There are many reoccurring costs involved with maintaining free, open-source, and privacy respecting software; expenses which our volunteer developers pitch in to cover out-of-pocket. This is just one example of how strongly we feel about our software, as well as the importance of keeping it maintained. Sending a donation using our links below is extremely helpful in offsetting a portion of our monthly expenses:.

If you'd rather not donate which is okay! We welcome everyone to contribute to issue reports, suggest new features, and create pull requests.

If you have something to add - anything from a typo through to a whole new feature, we're happy to check it out! Just make sure to fill out our template when submitting your request; the questions that it asks will help the volunteers quickly understand what you're aiming to achieve. You'll find that the install script and the debug script have an abundance of comments, which will help you better understand how Pi-hole works.

They're also a valuable resource to those who want to learn how to write scripts or code a program! We encourage anyone who likes to tinker to read through it, and submit a pull request for us to review.

Blocking porn with Pi-hole

Skip to content. Pi-hole documentation. Make no mistake: your support is absolutely vital to help keep us innovating! Last update: February 5, Pi-hole is a Linux network-level advertisement and Internet tracker blocking application [2] [3] [4] [5] which acts as a DNS sinkhole [6] and optionally a DHCP serverintended for use on a private network.

Pi-hole has the ability to block traditional website advertisements as well as advertisements in unconventional places, such as smart TVs and mobile operating system advertisements. The Pi-hole project was created by Jacob Salmela as an open source alternative to the AdTrap [13] [14] in [15] and was hosted on GitHub.

The application serves as a DNS server for a private network replacing any pre-existing DNS server provided by another device or the ISPwith the ability to block advertisements and tracking domains for users' devices.

If a match is found within any of the lists, or the user blacklist, the Pi-hole will refuse to resolve the requested domain and respond to the requesting device with a blank webpage.

pihole lists

Because Pi-hole blocks domains at the network level, it is able to block advertisements, such as banner advertisements on a webpage, but it can also block advertisements in unconventional locations, such as on AndroidiOS and smart TVs.

The nature of Pi-hole allows it to also block website domains in general by manually blacklisting the domain name. Likewise, domains can be whitelisted manually should a website's function be impaired by domains being blocked. Pi-hole can also function as a network monitoring tool, [21] which can aid in troubleshooting DNS requests and faulty networking troubleshooting. Pi-hole functions similarly to a network firewallmeaning that advertisements and tracking domains are blocked for all devices behind it, whereas traditional advertisement blockers only run in a user's browser, and remove advertisements only on the same machine.

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Pi-hole, LLC [1].

pihole lists

European Union Public Licence.GitHub is home to over 40 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together. If nothing happens, download GitHub Desktop and try again. If nothing happens, download Xcode and try again. If nothing happens, download the GitHub extension for Visual Studio and try again. Filter lists are not supported by Pi-hole as they require a more advanced format than standard DNS entries.

It is, however, possible and beneficial to make use of the extracted wildcard domains from these filter lists. If you update your whitelistfor example, you will need to run the script again to make sure that any conflicting wildcards are removed. It is recommended to run gravityOptimise. The script will download from the following sources: adguarddns, easylist, easyprivacy and nocoin. If you would like to exclude one or more of these sources, simply open up the script and modify as follows:.

Commenting out a line with will exclude that list. In this example, we will skip nocoin. Skip to content. Dismiss Join GitHub today GitHub is home to over 40 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together. Sign up.

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Apply wildcard blocking from extracted filter list domains. Shell Branch: master. Find file. Sign in Sign up.Most people I know are connected to the Internet more than they are disconnected, for better or worse. If you have total control over your network, like I do in my home, then you start to monitor usage.

pihole lists

You start to think… should I be blocking some of this traffic? Enter, the pi-hole. I first saw this project at the end ofand I was intrigued. I watched the project, waiting for it to mature to a point that I knew it was a viable option for my home network. Up until that time I was filtering directly with my firewall via i-blocklist. At the beginning of this year I finally put it into play on a Raspberry Pi 3 and have loved it ever since.

I want to clarify; the term unwanted traffic can have different meanings to people. For others, like governments, it might be entire country codes like. As for my home network, I set out to simply block ads in the beginning. I always had the idea I could create custom blocklists like I had on my firewall. I made a list of possible site categories that I could block.

With those lists in mind I set out to create PoC code that would gather open source lists and collate them into a single larger category list that I would then block using pihole. The product of that PoC now lives in my project repository named my-pihole-blocklists hosted on GitHub.

It does a few things to create the list. For ease of adding lists to your pihole I have hosted my generated lists that I create on Github for your use. There are list collections that have listed my pornography blocklist as well as many other lists, along with download links to easily update your pihole.

This list collection is courtesy of WaLLy3K. I encourage you to look as this great project that has many features for customizing your pihole. In conclusion, using a pihole can easily help block unwanted traffic from your network. Using the scripts contained in this project you can begin to create and use custom blocklists to protect those on your network. As always, for questions or comments please contact me via email or via twitter.

As such there are other lists lists that can be used to the same effect. Follow me on Twitter or Keybase. Blocking porn with Pi-hole Jun 29, 6 minute read.This guide will walk you through the setup of a remote machine that will act as a personal VPN server at the cost of 3 to 5 USD per month.

We will also configure it to act as a DNS resolver that will automatically block spam, tracking, advertising and malware domains on all of your connected devices.

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I will be using Ubuntu Your internet traffic is accessible to your internet provider which in many cases might not be as innocent as you would imagine. There are many reports where ISPs are actively intercepting network traffic and injecting arbitrary code into the webpage.

Best Pihole Block Lists & How to Update Pi-Hole?

Thankfully that can be mitigated by always visiting sites through https but not all sites support TLS. Even with httpsISPs are still able to monitor all the websites you visit and even actively block you from visiting them. Depending on your jurisdiction, it might be perfectly legal for them to sell that data to adtech companies.

A VPN can solve most of these problems by encrypting and routing your whole internet traffic through a server. Typically those servers are run by companies that provide access to them as a service. However the trust is merely being shifted from your ISP to your VPN provider who is now able to do all the monitoring.

That might not seem perfect but it is a pretty big privacy gain since most paid VPN providers focus on privacy as their main selling point.

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Why bother with self hosting then? Here are some pros and cons. Another approach that combines the best of both worlds is to have your server do the DNS resolution and then route the traffic through a commercial VPN. That requires a more complex setup and it will not be covered here. Wireguard is a new generation VPN protocol. Have you ever used a VPN on your phone?

With OpenVPN it takes seconds to connect when your phone wakes up and it drains battery like crazy. Wireguard is based on UDP so there is no connection to be made, it just sprays encrypted packets.Blocklists to block the communication to social networking sites and privacy harming services. This contains an ever-growing list of domains to be blocked using the Pi-Hole ad-blocker.

List is optimized for pi-hole. Maybe it would be useful to add sometime down the line an output to the script that will tell you how many records of each list you're using.

So, if a list is 1M records, and you're using K of them, it should tell you. A Pi-hole blocklist for unwanted domains that serve ads on Macedonian websites. Custom block list annoying ads, trackers, scam sites etc.

Add a description, image, and links to the pihole-blocklists topic page so that developers can more easily learn about it.

Curate this topic. To associate your repository with the pihole-blocklists topic, visit your repo's landing page and select "manage topics. Learn more. Skip to content. Here are 64 public repositories matching this topic Language: All Filter by language.

Sort options. Star Code Issues Pull requests. YouTube script to add the new Ads list for Pi-hole.

Setting up an ad-blocking VPN with Wireguard and Pihole

Updated Apr 6, Shell. Create custom pi-hole blocklists.

pihole lists

Updated Mar 28, Shell. Hostfile blocklist for ads and tracking, updated regularly. Updated Apr 17, Python. Updated Apr 18, Updated Apr 12, Updated Apr 15, Scan pihole logs and block YouTube ads domains. Updated Sep 29, Go. Updated Jul 15, Updated Apr 16, Updated Jun 14, Python. Malware, advert and tracking blacklist. Updated Apr 18, Python. Updated Feb 4, Star 8. A blocklist to protect users against untrustworthy sites. Updated Dec 16, Updated Apr 1, Batchfile. Star 7.Browser-supported ad blockers like AdBlock, Adblock, and CyberGhost do a great job of getting rid of the unwanted and annoying ads on the web pages you visit.

However, most people are not aware of the fact that they can block ads on apps and other user-interfaces too. This is what Pi-hole is all about. It is a free DNS-level ad blocker for all your devices.

Be it a smartphone, tablet, PC, or Mac; there is a Pi-hole version for everything you need. In this post, I have shared the best Pi-hole blocklists for you to choose from. You will also learn how to update Pi-hole. It was founded by a Minnesota-based computer geek named Jacob Salmela. Meaning, it will block all ads coming from a particular source. For instance, if you wish to block all ads generated by a popular ad-network like MediaNet or GoogleAdsense, you will have to add their respective URLs to the blacklist.

This is how blocking and unblocking ads on Pi-hole work. In this section, I have shared a list of the best Pi-hole Blocklists shared by Pi-hole users online. The Pi-hole beta version 5. I wish to inform you again that version 5. Nevertheless, in this section, I will share how to update Pi-hole. Before moving ahead with the upgrade, it is crucial to take an image of your current Pi-hole version in an SD card. However, without an image, there is no way to roll-back.

You will lose all your lists and other settings that you saved over the years. Even Pi-hole development team recommends playing it safe. Open the console window in your PC and copy and paste the following three commands one by one. Kindly press enters after each command. Let the system process it first and then paste the subsequent command.

Here are the three commands to update Pi-hole from 4. Pi-hole will no longer be using third-party open-source storage spaces like gravityDB. This has given them space to come up with more creative features. Users will now have more options with black and white lists. They can also comment on each list. The team at Pi-hole also acknowledges that GravityDB was slowing down its application, and this change was inevitable.

Furthermore, Pi-hole 5. The team is working on getting the Command-line interface ready. As of now, users are advised to communicate with the database to make changes in the groups directly.

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Pi-hole is becoming more popular these days. Almost all applications —unless they specify so— come with ads and other promotional content. The software does not come with a blocklist. Copy the lists shared in this post to keep malware away from your devices.

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